TCG is a multi-disciplinary real estate investment and development company founded in 1991. We are experienced in direct real estate investments, project management and market research. TCG has a solid record in the past 25 years in acquiring and completing over 100 projects with an aggregate value in excess of US$500 million. Currently, TCG has a development pipeline of US$250 million, represented by projects in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and the United States.

Core Values

TCG upholds principles and values that set us apart from our peers. Our long-term partners and steady stream of new clients bear witness to how we have stayed true to our core values from inception.

Transforming Communities

We believe bringing vibrancy to and preserving the distinctive characteristics of the communities we invest and develop in will yield the highest growth in that market. Unique investment opportunities have opened up to the TCG team through their efforts to be an integral part of the community they’re developing in.


We directly invest in every investment project so clients have assurance that our vision is completely aligned with theirs and that we are 100% accountable at every stage of the investment management process.

Close Partnerships

We partner with individual clients to tailor make and meet investment objectives on a project by project basis.


We understand the investment world moves at a fast pace. That's why we critically review our current performance and actively research into emerging trends and investment models. Through this rigorous practice, we continuously offer our clients fine-tuned yet pace-setting products and we execute them with experience harnessed from past projects.


We pursue unique not generic investment opportunities, even if it means more work. We formulate solid investment strategies through careful research and in-depth consultation, then execute them with a fresh perspective to generate maximum returns for our clients.